The E.D.F. Drawing Board

The Galactic players in 2301

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Above...A map of the Milky-way Galactic system. It details Earth's position, and it's relation to The Tunisian system...which lies on the opposing side of the spiral, closer to the Galactic hub. Below...The Tunisian System and it's twin suns.  Another  item  of  interest  would  be  the  close  proximity  of  a  super-nova  nebula.


A few words about Tunisia...
This unusual planet is one in a million, as it seems by our standards, nearly perfect. It is a place of great beauty, of sureal landscapes...and a constant climit. ( average of 75 degrees.) This is for two reasons, the planet's axis of rotation ( o degrees ) and the fact that it's orbit around the twins is circular, not eliptical.
Tunisia is twice the size of Earth, but has a lighter core ( less iron and other heavy elements )...making it's gravity like that of Earth. It is these astronomical circumstances that make it so ideal.
her people are equally pleasant. Though advanced in technology, they still hold on to the ways of the past.